Instinct Commands_

Ban - Bans a user.
Hackban - Bans a user who is not in the server.
Kick - Kicks a user.
Mute - Mutes a user.
Prune - Deletes a specified amount of messages.
Unban - Unbans a user.
Unmute - Unmutes a user.
VCBan - Bans a user from vc's.

Antilink - Shows the antilink settings of the client.
SetLogChannel - Sets the channel for logs.
VoteChannel - Enable/Disable the Vote Channel.
WelcomeSettings - The settings menu for welcome messages.
HelpConfig - Toggles whether the help message is sent in chat or DM.

New - Opens a new ticket.
Close - Closes an existing ticket.
Add - Adds a user to an existing ticket.
Remove - Removes a user from an existing ticket.

CreateChannel - Creates a new channel in your server.
CreateRole - Creates a new role in your server.
DeleteChannel - Deletes a channel in your server.
DeleteRole - Deletes a specified role in your server.
GiveRole - Gives a role to the specified user.
RemoveRole - Removes a role from a user.
Reminder - Sets a reminder for you.
RoleColour - Displays the server member count.
SetNick - Changes your nickname in the server.

About - Get some more information about the bot
Aliases - Get the aliases for the commands.
Avatar - Displays the mentioned user's avatar.
ChangeLog - Shows which changes have been made to the bot recently.
Emoji - Shows you the server's custom emotes.
Help - Get Help.
Hex - Shows a role's hex colour.
ID - Allows you to get the ID of users/channels/roles/guild.
Invite - Get The invite link to add Instinct to your guild.
Invites - Check the invitation stats.
JD - Shows when you joined the server/discord.
MemberCount - Displays the server member count.
Memberinfo - Gives you information on a user.
Ping - Returns the bots ping.
Roleinfo - Shows information about a role.
Roles - Shows you the server's roles.
Severinfo - Shows you information about the server.
Stats - The stats of ItsLit.
Uptime - Shows how long the bot has been online for.
Weather - Get information on the weather.